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Thanks for stopping by! This site continues to grow and change and sometimes even stagnate :) While originally conceptualized as a place to explore the intersection of conscious consumption and [insert everything else here], it turns out that dogma is super boring, even when it’s self-generated! Really, what fascinates me about life is that it’s this constantly-specializing gestalt, loosely contained within the so-called identity box of…whatever notions haven’t fallen away yet. (If you perceive this as a pessimistic statement, then you equate accumulation with value and that’s not something I can really help you with.)

So, fortunately or unfortunately, my SSV blog persists in being as dynamic as me. Here are some working generalizations, at least: I care a lot about the internal, subjective process, and the mastery of equilibrium within that realm – not *instead of* engaging “the world”, but as the only truly powerful position from which to do so. Certainly the only interesting one. Without that understanding, what are we but chair throwers on some meta-level Jerry Springer show?

Little confession: I used to daydream about being an advice columnist like Dear Sugar, but then I realized that every problem, from hangnails to world wars, is simply an indicator of an inner misunderstanding, and an opportunity to experience more love, PARTICULARLY for OURSELVES, and that’s hard to sell.

Anyway, I decided a couple years ago to only do work that’s fun. I thought it would be really limiting but it’s turned out to be a very broadening philosophy, which has allowed me to revisit credentials and industries that used to stress me out. I now have a firm “not my clowns, not my circus” approach to the workplace, which is delightful. Freelancing represents a much-improved lifestyle for me, certainly, and I happily trade my time for money in a variety of circumstances. But my own creative projects matter most. It’s really cool, though – I’ve found that employers are really supportive when I’m up-front about who I am and where the money’s going.

Also – and this is maybe the most controversial thing I’ll say in this whole synopsis – I schedule my life so that there are large and frequent blocks of neutral time, beholden to no one. I’ve tried busy and I don’t like it. It’s not virtuous and it’s not even effective.

Anyway, lot of my creative process has been under the radar, even on this site, for years, but I’m entering a phase now where the creation of “products” that you can actually buy, read, listen to, watch, experience, is the focus.

So that’s me! xoxo :)

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